Vincent TRUCHET ambassador Mokarran gold medalist of the National Society of Fine Arts

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Vincent TRUCHET ambassador Mokarran gold medalist of the National Society of Fine Arts

The National Society of Fine Arts (SNBA), chaired by Michel King, offers the 2018 edition of its annual fair, an event which, since the end of the 19th century, has maintained its tradition of encouraging and supporting artists. And, the patron of the show, Kenzo Takada, wrote in presentation of the catalog: "In the heart of Paris, on the banks of the Seine, not far from the Pont des Arts, the Salon des Beaux-Arts welcomes the choir of artists from around the world. for a silent hymn, one in shapes and colors, to the glory of beauty with many faces. I am moved to participate with my new voice in this song so well orchestrated. It is true that the Salon des Beaux-Arts, which took place in the halls of the Carrousel du Louvre, is a very beautiful setting, with its black walls, to welcome artists and their works.


It was a unique opportunity to discover the work of contemporary painters, sculptors, engravers, photographers, naturalists and illustrators from all walks of life. It is also in this context that the Salon des Beaux Arts highlights several established artists. Their brilliant career is evoked in a few major works. In addition, around ten foreign delegations (Brazil, Canada, China, Korea, Spain, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, etc.) reveal, in the heart of Paris, the artistic activities of all continents.


New in 2018 was the opening of the Naturalist section which was added to the five already existing sections (painting, sculpture, engraving, illustration-drawing and photography). This new section welcomed artists (all techniques combined), on the subject of animals, plants or more generally nature.  The Gold Medal of this section was awarded to Vincent Truchet for these photos taken in French Polynesia. Magnificent snapshots of wild life that help to protect the environment, by raising public awareness of this issue which has now become vital for humanity. A spotlight on the artistic and original work of this wildlife photographer.

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