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Steven surina is French. He has lived in Egypt since 2002 where he grew up in a diving club run by his family thanks to which he crisscrosses the Red Sea to Djibouti, passing through Sudan, Eritrea and Saudi Arabia. He travels the world to perfect his experience and has dived more than 300 times a year with sharks for the past ten years.

Diving instructor, founder and manager of Shark Education, he specializes in shark ethology and the possible interaction between divers and sharks. To share his experience, he offers themed trips to discover sharks in around fifteen destinations around the world (Egypt, Sudan, Djibouti, Maldives, Philippines, Mozambique, South Africa, Bahamas, Mexico etc.) and organizes conferences and seminars regularly.

It also works in partnership with scientists and experts from around the world. Steven has published several articles on the subject, including two books on the human / shark interaction released in 2015 and 2018 and, with Dr Seret (sharkologist at the Museum of Natural History) in 2017, he created the first International Charter of Responsible Shark Ecotourism.


Of its thousands of dives, the counter includes dozens of cage dives with the great white shark, a hundred hours spent alongside tiger sharks and bulldog sharks and more than a thousand dives in contact with sharks. oceanic.

He is one of the rare French divers to have practiced tonic immobility on several species of sharks in a natural environment thanks to various techniques (stimulation of Lorenzini bulbs, tilting of the shark by its pectoral fin, tilting of the shark by the caudal fin ), to remove the hooks from them.


His site: