2 à 7 jours ouvrables de fabrication et à partir de 3 à 5 jours ouvrables d'expédition. Frais de livraison à partir de 3€69 (vers la France).

La gamme Bio n'étant pas fabriquée au même endroit que nos autres produits. Ne soyez pas étonnés de recevoir plusieurs colis à quelques jours de différence.



Anthony Leydet
Its website: https://www.zesea.com



Originally from the Marseille region, I have always been close to the sea. And even though there were no diver in my family, Commander Cousteau's documentaries left me speechless...

It wasn't until I studied Marine Biology that I really started diving. And from memory, I almost never dived without a camera in my hands.

It's been more than ten years since I got serious about underwater photography, and became a blogger in 2008. Everything has been going on ever since. At the same time the many trips to the most beautiful destinations, collaborations with the press, organized trips on which I give lectures on the marine environment. Until he became a full-time professional for a little over a year now...

Passionate about marine life, I never tire of the spectacle that Mother Nature offers us. And I'm always happy to introduce this to divers and non-divers, through my articles, my blog or conferences. It is by loving that we protect the best...

Anthony Leydet