Vincent Truchet - Mokarran

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Underwater photographer and resident since 2010 in French Polynesia, he has always been keen to share his passion for this country through the passion he has for the image. The Tuamotu Archipelago is his favourite playground.

Vincent explains:

"The Tuamotu are made up of atolls, diving into the 'passes', the channels connecting the lagoons to the Pacific Ocean. This is where underwater life is concentrated, attracted by tidal currents carrying with them a lot of nutrients."

"But diving is only a way for me to be in contact with a fauna that is still very rich like that of the oceans. Just take a mask and put your head under the water to discover the wonders. That's how I started the photo, first in the Mediterranean to Marseille and then to Corsica. Later in Normandy to discover the shipwrecks of the Second World War, loaded with history."

"The cold waters have nothing to envy to the warm waters but my attraction to the tropics quickly transported me to Polynesia. This is where my photographic work matured and began to be published."

"Over the years spent underwater, I quickly became aware of the duty we are all invested in, those who are lucky enough to witness the beauty of the marine world, scientists, photographers, videographers or mere observers. We are close to ecosystems with rich biodiversity, where life often abounds and abounds, but this is based on a fragile balance undermined by human activities. I chose to show this life from a positive angle to show what we are losing while the neophyte to think, looking at my images, that everything is fine in the best of worlds. "

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